Martin Gray is the author of 12 books. Translations in 26 languages have appeared. Three of Gray's books have been translated into English. Martin Gray's books have found their way to an estimated 30 million readers.

English translations:

- For those I loved - 1972 - Little, Brown and Company
- A book of life: to find happiness, courage and hope - 1975 - Seabury Press
- The force of life - 1978 - New American Library

Gray’s first book For those I loved has been brought out recently in an expanded edition. This edition is enriched with photos, a few forewords from friends of Gray. The book also contains a substantial addition: For those I love from the hand of the writer himself. The book was published in 2006 by Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc. (ISBN 1-57174-527-0)

Two books of Gray are autobiographies:
-For those I loved, which covers Martin’s life from his birth in Poland (1922) until 1970, when the author lost his wife and children.
-La vie renaitra de la nuit (Life arises out of night); this book covers the period: 1970-1977 and gives a good insight into, what happened in Gray’s life after the disaster of 1970 until his second marriage with Virginia.

Books, written in French:

-Au nom de tous les miens – 1971
(For those I loved)
-Le livre de la vie – 1973
(The book of life)
-Les forces de la vie – 1975
(The force of life)
-Les pensees de notre vie – 1977
(Thoughts of our life)
-La vie renaitra de la nuit – 1977
(Life arises out of night)
-le nouveau livre – 1980
(The new book)
-J’acris aux hommes de demain – 1983
(I write to the men of tomorrow)
-Le maison humaine – 1984
(The human house)
-Entre la haine et l’amour – 1990
(Between hate and love)
-Vivre debout: comment faire face dans un monde en crise – 1993
(Standing tall: facing a world in crisis)
-La priere de l’enfant – 1994
(The prayer of a child)
-Au nom de tous les hommes – 2004
(In the name of all mankind)