Dear Visitor, the film 'Seeking Martin Gray' was brought out in 2007 on DVD. We sell this film (on DVD) on this site.
For more info about the film hit the button '
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You want to buy the film 'Seeking Martin Gray'. What next?
-The price of the film is: Euro 20,- This is your total price, the price includes shipping-costs.
-We offer 4 methods for payment:

1) bank transfer
2) creditcard
3) paypal
4) cash by mail

1)Buyers can transfer payment to our bankaccount in the Netherlands.
Costs for transfers done in Euros over Internet within the European Union are minimal or zero.
You can ofcourse also transfer payment to our bankaccount without making use of Internet.
Here come the account-details:
-Holder bank account: Friends Martin Gray
-Residence holder: Kampen, Netherlands, Europe
If you choose this option, notify us by sending your address to:

2-3)Do you have a creditcard or do you have a PayPal-account, then hit the button:

Once you have completed purchase, your shipping-address wil be send to us automatically.

4)Buyers can send payment (Euro 20,-) in an envelope to our address.
Include your address+phonenumber(!) with your payment. Our address is:
Friends Martin Gray
Frederik HendrikStr. 17
8262 DS Kampen
Netherlands / Europe

What will we do?
-After receipt of payment we will confirm this directly by email.
-As far as deliverance (of payment) by post/air-mail is concerned, this usually takes 3 - 4 days.
-Your film goes out the same day by post/air-mail to your address.

If you have any questions, just contact us and we'll gladly help:

Friends Martin Gray
Frederik HendrikStr. 17
8262 DS Kampen
Netherlands / Europe
ph: +31-6-50623679