When we talk about, what a human being is, about his art, about his feelings, there is only one way: being straight, whilst remaining tender. This manner of communication I found in Jean-Marie’s work. Jean-Marie’s art has a way of genuineness, in which I recognize myself. Along these lines: being genuine and remaining straight, but tender, I always attempted to write my books. When starting out from these principles, there must be a way for a man to reach out and find the other.
In Jean-Marie’s paintings there is an emphasis on feelings. His paintings touch us. When we go through his work, we encounter tenderness, melancholy, the doubt and certainty of the man, who knows, where he is heading for.
I found that Jean-Marie paints love, its passion and its pain in such a way, that some of his work would sit well in the best of our museums.

Martin Gray


a few paintings of Jean-Marie Deroche

Seascape stormy weather (40x60)

Nude pink patches (60x75)

Real flower (60x180)

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