A life in photos

Youth in Poland: 1922 - 1945

Martin as a child, 1927, Warsaw / Poland

Martin and his brothers, 1934, Poland


Martin Gray, officer in the Russian Army, 1945

The Streetcar in the ghetto of Warsaw, 1942 Martin Gray made use of this streetcar in order to bring food into the ghetto. Bringing food into the ghetto was of course forbidden by the Germans. Violation of nazi-rule was punished by death. (photo: with permission of YadVashem)

German soldiers capturing Jewish inhabitants of the ghetto of Warsaw; these prisoners would not survive. The picture was taken during the revolt in 1943. (photo: with permission USHMM)

German soldiers burning the ghetto of Warsaw during the revolt, 1943. (photo: with permission USHMM)


An American citizen: 1947 - 1960


    After making a career in the antique trade in the U.S.A., Gray met the Dutch woman, Dina BensvanderBerg, who would become his spouse.

A happy family in the South of France: 1961 - 1970

Dina and (from left to right) Suzanne, Charles, and Nicole, 1965, Tanneron, France

Dina Gray, 1965, Tanneron / France
(photo, David Duncan)

Nicole Gray, 1960, Tanneron / France
(photo, David Duncan)


1970 - 1980

1970, Gray pictured shortly after the disaster of 1970 (photo, David Duncan)
Memorial for the death of Gray´s wife and children at the place of the accident.
(photo, Elianne Rombout)
Martin Gray invited by King Baldwin of Belgium, 1975.

Remarriage - currently

Father Gray and children; (from left to right) Barbara, Gregory, Larissa, Tom (front), father Gray (front) and Jonathan.


Making a statement; France, 2000
(photo: Elianne Rombout)

 France, 1998 (photo: Elianne Rombout)

Showing friends his estate in Tanneron, France, 2000.
 (photo: Elianne Rombout)

Putting his signature after lecturing in Brussels, 2006

Answering questions after lecturing in Brussels, 2006

"You see those cuttings, those wounds? A man can rebuild his life, even on ruins."-  Brussels, 2007
Martin elaborating on one of his favorite themes to Frits Vrij, Brussels, 2006.

A close-up, Brussels, 2007